Massage is often refereed to as massage therapy because it enhances tissue healing and overall well-being.  Here are some reasons why you may need a massage.

1, Stress reduction

The effects of stress include: muscles tension, body ache, elevated heart rate and high blood pressure.  Massage therapy helps to relieve these and other stress induced conditions and promotes wellness.

2, Manage Anxiety And Depression

The level of the stress hormone cortisol is reduced in the body after a massage.  This enhances relaxation and stimulates a good mood.

3, Ease Pain

Body aches and pain is the main reason most people seek a massage. However, a good massage helps ease muscle aches, relief, and manage muscle and joint pain.

4, Promote Sleep

Very often I hear patients say,  “ I can’t sleep, please can you give me a massage” and then they fall asleep during or after the massage.  Also, many of us are guilty of dozing off on the massage table or chair during a massage as well, myself included. This proves that massage promotes sleep.  Furthermore, lack of sleep or insomnia has been linked with a low level of serotonin. However, Massage increases the level of serotonin in the brain thereby stimulating and promoting a good night sleep.

5, Facilitate Physical rehabilitation

Physical therapy or rehabilitation can cause muscle soreness, body ache and fatigue, especially in individuals that do not perform frequent exercise.  Massages therapy can help ease these discomforts thereby facilitating participation in physical rehabilitation and exercise programs. Massage can also help to easy sore muscles in athletes and individual just starting an exercise program.


Have you ever wondered why you are asked to fill out a brief health history form before receiving a massage? The reason is that even though massage can be beneficial to the health and wellness of most individuals, massage therapy may not be appropriate for individuals that bruise easily, take blood thinning medications, or have certain medical conditions such as, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and bleeding disorders. Talk to your physician if you have any concerns about receiving a massage.
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Trisha Eleyae, MSN, RN, CHC